Thursday, August 03, 2006

What Fun We Had

We went to the Splash Pad near Tanglewood Park today. A fun time was had by all, including little Jack. We've been there before, and he was, let's say, a little timid about playing by himself.
This time, he had a blast! He kept running back and forth through the spray rings. It was really cute. He'd gear himself up, start running (or toddling fast in his case) and would then raise his arms up kind of to cover his head, I guess.
Bella had a good time to, of course. She ended up playing in the dirt, collecting rocks and such. She's a funny kid. Later today, she was digging around our in our yard looking for worms. Maybe she'll be an archeologist someday.

We also (Sarah and I) got our new glasses in today. Woo-hoo! My lenses are the transition jobs. Awesome! It's so nice to be able to go outside and not be blinded by the light. (An Eighties song just wafted through my mind.)

Still taking it a step at a time, working through the finances. In God we trust, right?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And so our family blog begins.

What's new with us?

Joshua is on vacation this week.

He also just turned thirty-one on Monday (and consequently, his first white hairs have arrived on his chest.) He actually had a really great day. He got to play "scavenger hunt" to get his presents. (The cards with the clues spelled out SHMILY...See How Much I Love You.) We also got to go see Superman Returns. Mainly because Sarah is a genius and planned way ahead for a babysitter, all the while telling Joshua he had to go see the movie alone. (I am indeed a lucky man.)

We ate at Layne's for the first time today! For some of us, it was the first ever, for others (ahem...Sarah) it was their first inside dining experience there. We know it's good food, because Jack ate it, and he hardly eats anything!

Isabella had her second dentist appointment, and Jack had his first. Remarkably enough, Bella, who normally loves doctor appointments (even to the point where she pretends to give us, her stuffed animals, and any other willing participant a "check-up", shots included) was screaming and crying. Jack did too, of course, but we kind of expect that from him.

Things you can pray for:

Personal growth for all of us.

Joshua to become more of a leader in our home. (Yeah, that's his request.)

Financial stuff. That we would trust God as He leads us through one seeming crisis after another.

That we would be given wisdom needed to find a way to keep Ace in the yard.