Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Woo Hoo!

Just got a call from the surgeon. The tissue they removed was benign. Yee Haw!!!! All you people, praise the Lord!!!!!

Thought you'd want to know. Thank you for your prayers. More later.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New House

We closed on the house on Friday, picked up the keys on Monday, and I turned on our utilities today.

Here is the first look for all of you at our new home in Alvord, TX.

Granted, more pictures will be forthcoming. :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

More On Josh

I know, I know. It's all about me these days. Last you heard, I had a doctor's appointment to reveal the results from the colonoscopy. Well...turns out they got just enough tissue to make them worry. Last Friday, I had some surgery to take out a peace of my colon that had a polyp or nodule that may have been cancerous. We do not know whether or not it was. The whole reason the doctor wanted the surgery done was so they could get more tissue to examine. The good news is that the surgeon felt like after she removed the nodule, the rest of the surrounding tissue looked good, healthy. So that's good. Now, I'm just trying to recover from surgery so I can get myself back to work.

Pray with us as we await the lab results. Know that we aren't worried, that it is in God's hands.

Also, pray for Sarah. She too is beginning a testing process. She'll never admit it, but she's been having pain for a bit to. Hasn't been as bad as mine, or she isn't as big of a baby as I am, but it's gone on long enough. Her doctor thought she had a hernia at first, but a scan ruled that out. She's now being tested for gall bladder related things. So...pray for us. Call us. Check in on us. We miss you guys.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Doctors Doctors and more Doctors

Wow, I feel like that is all we've been doing lately! Anyway, didn't post to complain but to ask for prayer. Josh went in the day after Christmas and they did a procedure to check out why he has been having so much stomach pain. The doctor did say he found something where they had taken out his appendix like three years ago. Anyway, he goes in Monday afternoon to find out what they found from that. We are a little nervous. We are used to getting calls with the results being they didn't find anything. So having to go in this time is a little scary. I know that no matter what happens here, Josh will be okay. Just a little scary waiting to find out the news of what it might be.
Jack had a dentist appt. today. It went okay. Bella has one on Monday and the cat is going to the vet tomorrow. And then, hopefully we can all not have to go to the doctor for a while.

Also, on a lighter note, we are currently waiting for our loan to go through for our new home. Well, it's not exactly new, but it is new to us and we are excited! We moved our mobile home up here in May and we like our home. We have nice neighbors and a roof over our head. However, we didn't realize how much we would be spending in gas for Josh to drive 45min. to and from work everyday. And his hours here are a little different so there are days when he leaves at 7:45 and then doesn't get home til 7:00. It can make for a long day. So, we started looking for places to live that would be in Decatur and closer to his work. We found a place in a little small town about 10 minutes away. With what we pay here for lot rent and in gas, it will be about the same cost. We are really excited about it! We have a yard, so we will be able to have Ace, (our dog) back. He went to live at my sisters house shortly after we moved here. We aren't allowed fences out here, so it made it kind of hard. Also, the kids will be able to have a trampoline. We have one, but you can't put it up here. So, we are excited.

Well, that's all for now. I have to go get lunch finished. Thank you all for your prayers
In Chirst,