Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More down low on moving

Is that term outdated yet? Knowing me and my way behind style it probably is. This will be one benefit to living closer to my 16 year old nephew and my 15 year old sister. You can always learn the "in" talk from them.

So, the down low. We are still trying to see what we are supposed to do with our trailer. We will probably be moving it up there. It will cost a lot more upfront, but it will save us money in the long run. It will also allow us to save for a house. So, as of today, we are looking at moving our trailer. However, that could change tomorrow.

I can see how the Lord is working and trying to teach us through this situation. I know that He already has everything planned out, even though we can't see it, He can. We just have to wait, to be patient, and to be still. I feel like how my children must feel when I ask them to be still. They can do it for about five seconds or so and then they are off again. It also makes me think of when I tell them no, or wait, because I can see the car up ahead or whatever it is. I feel like He is saying wait, be patient, I have things worked out and they will happen in my time. No easy task. I keep trying to remember when I tell my babies no, or wait, and that helps to keep me focused. Most of the time. I am excited to see what He has in store for us. I know that it will work out.

I'm missing my sweet husband too. I thought, no problem, it will be fine, we will still get to talk to each other on the phone. That is much different than getting to sit together at the end of the day and just hang out. I thought I would have no problem falling asleep at night. I've been taking care of our children and stuff so I should have no problem hitting the pillow and crashing out. Usually, no problem. But it is weird without my husband. So ladies, hug your sweet husbands tonight and enjoy their company.

One cool thing that the Lord showed me I missed was serving my husband. He gave me a new perspective on that. Usually, I have to iron Josh's clothes for work. Most of the time I'm not thinking, "I'm so glad that I get to serve my husband." It is usually "How fast can I get this done and still have it look nice." Same with the laundry and making his lunch, or even dinner, whatever. But even before Josh came home for the weekend, the Lord was working. I had read the section in the Her Hands book about wise women love their husbands. It was sooo good. It was awesome to read the scripture about Bathsheba and her actions toward David. Just the way she spoke to him and honored him. It could have easily been a time where the wife says something like "Hello, what are you thinking?" "Why is this happening?" But she came to him in a way that honored him and showed respect for him. It was very encouraging! I want to obey the Lord and serve Him by respecting and serving my husband. I want to be thankful when I respect and serve my husband. I pray that the Lord will continue to change me, my heart and my attitudes. Put off, put on. The Lord helped me to be thankful to be helper to my husband however that may be. I was thankful to have him home. It was awesome and fun.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I like to toot it, toot it!

Okay, so here is the down low about our moving situation. Josh started his job at the Citibank in Decatur on Monday. He really likes it and says that he likes the people he works with. He says there is also a really pretty view of the hills and stuff from where he works. That may not mean a lot to some people, but to him it is definitely a big deal. He loves the trees and the scenery in College Station and he was a little nervous he might not like it up there as much. But, he does so that is good.
So, Josh is staying at my mom's house and driving about 45min. to and from work. We are thankful that he has a place to stay. While he is up there he has been looking for a place for us to live. So, the other part of our family is still here. We are just waiting for Josh to say that he found a place and come on. He does get to come home this weekend so that will be VERY exciting!!! I have missed him and I know that his sweet babies have too.
As of today, that is what's going on with our family. We are excited to see what the Lord has up there. Josh went to a life group last night, kind of like our hope groups here. He said it was awesome, so when he is up there on a Sunday he will probably be checking out that church. This has all happened SO fast. It was only a little over a month ago that Josh applied for the job in Decatur. And it was only about three weeks ago that they called and asked when he could start. Crazy!!!! But exciting. The Lord has shown us another way to trust Him and have faith in Him and His plans. Scary, but exciting!
I hope all of this makes sense.

One of the fun things that happened today was during bath time. We were singing the song from the Madagascar movie about I like to move it, move it. Anyway, one of my sweet babies tooted. And Bella decided to change what we were singing to "I like to toot it, toot it" I thought that was so funny!!!! It was one of those moments when I was like, shouldn't I tell here not to sing about toot it, toot it. But it was sooo funny!