Sunday, August 26, 2007

What fun in Cubbies!

Tonight was Bella's first night in Cubbies at DBC. She had so much fun! She was so excited to get to go to Cubbies tonight. She is already asking about her vest and book and stuff. We keep trying to tell her she has to earn those. She is making new little friends and enjoys our new church very much.

I have to be honest though, it was bittersweet for me. I cried, and I don't usually cry. I was missing all our church family in College Station. I was thinking how I always pictured her being in Cubbies and having amazing teachers like Mr. Ken and Mrs Cindi, and Kathryn and Kaylene and Mr. Jose and all the wonderful people who faithfully serve in that ministry. I always pictured her being in Cubbies with the sweet kids who she had been in the same class with since they were born. I know that is selfish, but I miss everyone there.

We are meeting new people and are developing relationships with our neighbors which is good, but it is different then the fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Some of our neighbors are believers, so that is nice. But I miss the bonds you have when you have served with others and when you are in a hope group together. We will get to take a membership class in a couple weeks, and then get to plug into service after that. And we are looking forward to their smalls groups starting soon, that will be nice. They try and have you in a small group close to your home. I think that way you really get to know the people closest around you. And some have had different ministry opportunities in their neighborhoods. So, that will be soon and I am so ready. A little scared about meeting new people and developing new relationships.

Excited too, but I miss our friends in College Station.

Our neighbor came over to look at our tv and we were all sitting in the living room talking. It reminded me of hope group. Those people in hope group with you are so important in your life and people who you will share with and laugh with and cry with.

I know that I'm rambling, I do miss everyone. But, I know that God is good and being up here has been good. We have gotten to see our families so much more. And just where we are, there are so many opportunities to share Jesus with others. To build relationships and friendships and through that get to share my Savior. One thing the Lord reminded me of tonight was that He is always there for us. Whether we know a lot of people, or whether we are just starting to get to know others around us, Jesus is always their and He is our friend.

On a fun note :) Bella has started dance/gymnastics class. She is having so much fun with that. Those girls look so cute in their little dance outfits. We're going to try it out and see if she likes it and go from there.

Jack is talking so much. He kind of started talking all of the sudden. When we moved he started talking more and more. He is so silly and he loves to laugh. We ask him what is so funny, and his new response is, "me"

Josh got a promotion! He is a personal banker now. He even gets his own office, how cool is that! I'm really proud of him. It just kind of happened. They were down to one personal banker in his branch and he applied and now there are two. He is excited to do something where he can interact with the customers more. I know that I'm his wife and a little bais, but I really do think he will be really good at this. He is very good with customer service and helping out the customer.

Well I guess I have rambled long enough. Hopefully I will be more faithful in getting updates on here. :)