Monday, March 10, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

We are still hunting for a church home in our area. So far, we've found two that we like. The first one is the church in Decatur called Cornerstone Baptist.

What we like:
-Has AWANA/Cubbies
-Worship is contempary
-People are super friendly

What we are unsure of:
-Teaching. (have yet to attend a morning sermon that was not a guest speaker) However, we have attended a few evening services while Bella was in Cubbies. Last night, in fact, was their Lord's Supper service, which was actually really cool. No message, per se, but spent about 45 minutes in reflective prayer, having stations to go to, including nailing name to the Cross, and prayer candles, before taking the elements.

-No Home Groups. (At least, not like we know it. They do have small groups, but it is currently at the church, and are typically like LH discipleship classes or are sunday school classes.

The other is Grace Fellowship in Paradise.

What We Like:
-Solid Teaching (Sermon series much like LH)
-Home Groups that include children
-Contempary Worship

What We Are Unsure of:
-Worship is almost like a concert. (Or: We miss Aaron's heart for worship)
-30 minute drive
-No AWANA!!!!

Sadly enough, it is the no AWANA that makes it a difficult choice. They don't have an evening service, so technically we could go to Cornerstone for our AWANA needs since we wouldn't be skipping out at Grace.

What we need is prayer, and wisdom. We do not want to be torn between two bodies, you know what I mean?

We would welcome your thoughts.

Thanks, and we love ya'll.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

1st Snow

On Monday of this week, it snowed up here in the Decatur area. Yep. Snowfall in March. And we are forecasted to get more this weekend. How cool is that?

At any rate, it was the kids' first time to see snow, aside from on TV and stuff. They were super excited, Isabella especially. She insisted we take a walk when we bundle up and went outside to check it out. I took some pictures of them catching flakes on their tongues, and standing in some snow that had stuck to the ground. It was very cool...literally!

Unfortunately, it melted the next day and we didn't get enough for the kids to actually play in it, but maybe this weekend we'll be able to do that. However, it still was quite a blessing to watch my daughter gaze out the window at the snow and say repeatedly, "It's so beautiful Daddy."

Jack wasn't as excited. But he still caught some flakes. I don't think the boy likes the cold.

Speaking of the Jackster...we will be having his party the 15th. So...I know it is probably pretty much out of the question, but if any of you Living Hopers want to come, we would love to have you.

You may email me at if you want/need directions. The time frame is like 5 pm.

Whether or not you can come, we love you. And we hope to see you in June or July. Maybe we can plan a 4th of July get together. We are open to ideas.