Thursday, May 17, 2007

Denton, TX...Home Sweet Home

Howdy all! Josh speaking here. I just wanted to give a quick update on our living situation, and since no one seems to read my blog :( I'll post it here. Don't worry, soon Sarah will be able to post from the comfort of our own Monday, hopefully. Anyway, this is the haps:

The company moved our trailer out of College Station officially on Tuesday. (The took it out of our old lot on Monday, but parked it since it was such a long haul up there.) Tuesday night, we unloaded some of the U-Haul, and unloaded the rest on Wednesday morning. We drove to Sherman to drop it off. (Some sort of rate deal, don't ask why Sherman, I don't know.) We've spent the last few days hanging out at Sue's (Sarah's mom) waiting for water and electricity.

As of Friday, we had water. As of Tuesday, we had juice. We found out we had electricity yesterday when I went up and flipped some switches. So, we spent last night in our old home, new location. I can't speak for Sarah, but I love it! It's a beautiful lot. As soon as we figure out how to take the pictures and post them here, you'll all get to see it.
The kids are excited. Our new lot is double the size of our old one. Lots of room for the kiddos to play. And Bella especially is excited to finally be at her home again, sleeping in her own room. She's been asking all week when we get to go home.

We still have a lot to do. Gotta build a porch, set up skirting, put up some blinds, and unpack, unpack, unpack. It may be a bit until we are completely settled...but at least we are now well on our way.

Some other news: I may be getting a promotion. There is a position called Personal Banker (basically new accounts with added responsibilities) that just opened up in Decatur. I've already had an interview with the FCM (financial center manager) and the Sales Integration guy. I still have to be interview by the Area Manager, and if he green lights me, I have to take tests to get licensed in Investments and Insurance. Once that happens, I'll begin training for the new position. So be praying for this. If I get the job, (and I feel that I will) it will definitely be an answer to prayer. In order to move, we had to take out a loan. The lot that we moved to is $80 more a month. Our budget for vehicular gas will double as I have to commute 45 min each way to work. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to take a second job to pay the bills. But if I get this position, the base salary is more than I make now, and with the product and service things that a part of it, I get commission on, which has the potential of doubling my salary if I do well and push hard.

The cool thing is, I would have never gotten a position like this at my branch in CS. I've applied for a position a couple of times, and never heard back. This one, I'm practically being ushered into with my new managers really excited about me doing the job. It's awesome!

Anyway, rambled enough...more as things progress.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Monday, Monday

Crazy! We are moving our trailer on Monday. Things are happening pretty fast. I have a few things left to pack. We will have to move stuff out of our trailer and onto a U-haul on Saturday and Sunday. Josh has to work on Saturday and will be down here as soon as he finishes.

I feel like I'm in college again and I have a major exam in like two days that I have to hurry and study for. I don't really like that feeling. I thought that was gone when you finished college. Or it could just be the old a.k.a. Worry! Sin, not good. I need to just trust the Lord that He will help me relax and get stuff done.

Thankfully our children will be with Rachel tomorrow. She is SO awesome with children. She is totally amazing and the Lord has definitely gifted her. Bella and Jack always have fun when they are there.

Really there isn't much left to pack. Our walls are bare and look really weird that way. I'm pretty much just waiting for my sweet husband to get here and pick up the U-haul.

I'm gonna miss everyone here. Are there really people as cool as the people here up there? This is the part that I have been avoiding since I really didn't know exactly when we would be leaving. And now it is here. God is so good in His timing though. My sweet mentee is leaving out of town tomorrow so she is going to miss the last class. And we are leaving Monday, so we are leaving at the same time. We would have still meet over the phone, but it's cool how it is all in the same week. Being a mentor is such a refreshing and convicting time. As a wife you are already doing the things these girls are learning about. It is always a wonderful reminder as to what I am supposed to be doing. It is an awesome time for you to be refined as well.

Anyway, I am very sleepy now so I better stop writing before I don't make any sense.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Our Mobile Home

Yeah! We will all be back in the same home soon. Like hopefully next week soon. Josh has been looking at land, mobile home parks, ect. And finally we have a place to move our home. Yeah! He has been contacting some mobile home movers and is waiting to hear back. To find out a day for next week. I am so stinking excited! The mobile home park is actually in Denton, so he will have about a 30 min drive to work. Not too bad. The park is nice and it has recently been taken over by new management. They have a playground, but I think they will be updating it. And adding a pool. The lot that we will have is in the back of the park, so the street is really not busy. The babies can ride their bikes and there won't be many cars to deal with. So that will be nice. I'm excited to get to know our new neighbors, but a little nervous too. We have some awesome neighbors now and I'll be sad to leave them. But, we will all be in the same home again, and that is good. I am thankful that my mom has opened her home to Josh so he could stay there and work while looking for a place for us. She's really cool.

So weird, we are moving from one college town to another. What's up with that. It's gonna be weird to live that close to the big city again. I drive on the highways up there now and think, how in the world did I drive on these insane roads when I was a teenager? Scary.

It will be nice to be close to family. My sister and I got to spend some time together this weekend and that was fun. They have my nephew who is two weeks younger than Bella. So the kids have fun playing together.

Oh and they have super tagrets up there. Super walmart is one thing, I love the prices there. But a super target, I wonder if their dollar spot is a super dollar spot?

Anyway, this is what we know so far. So, next week could be our last week in College Station. I will miss our sweet friends, who are more like family. I will miss being involved in their lives, and them in ours. But, I know this is not the end and we will get to see them again someday.