Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Guitar Hero

Okay, so our nephew got a ps3 and gave Josh a lot of his ps2 game stuff. One of the things he shared with us was guitar hero. Never knew what the hype was all about. Then on the 4th of July some friends from our small group were having a get together at their house and we played guitar hero. It was SO fun. We were trying to rock out to Beat It. I was a little nervous cause I had never played before, but it was SO fun. So Sunday night Josh and I got out the guitar hero our nephew gave us and have had so much fun playing. I love watching him rock out like a rockstar! Does anyone know if they make a guitar hero game that has songs that would be okay to let kids play? Ours has songs that are okay, but some don't always have the most kid friendly lyrics. We just let the kids practice where it has the music, but no words.

Summer is going by so fast. Both my babies will be in school next year. (Jack reminds me that he is not a baby anymore, that he is a big boy now.) Jack's starting in Pre-K and Bella is going to kindergarten. Jack's teacher is the one Bella had last year and she is amazing. We love her. Bella is a little nervous cause she's not sure what teacher she will be getting. She loves to learn but is affraid she might get the teacher she would hear yelling last year. Any suggestions? She's our first kid and even though she's not a baby or toddler anymore, she's still our first child. So, we've never been through any of this stuff before.

A couple of weeks ago I started babysitting for one of Josh's co-workers. She has a sweet baby boy who is three months old. She really wants to stay home with him. She is hoping that in a year she will be able to. It's a little different adding a baby to the mix, but it has been fun. Bella and Jack love him and are SO good with him and patient when I have to feed him and they have to wait. I am so proud of them.

Josh has vacation coming up at work that he is very ready for. I'm thankful for him to have some time to rest and sleep in. He works hard and takes good care of us. I am thankful that he wants me to stay home with our kids even though it means him working on Friday and Saturday nights at pizza hut. He gets to bring home stuff sometimes so that is always nice. And he's met some interesting people there too.

Well that's about all for an update. Hopefully I will update again sooner rather than later.