Thursday, January 25, 2007

The laundry is laughing at me

Last night was our first hope group for the semester, yeah! It was a lot of fun and the Lord brought some amazing people. God is so good! One thing that he has been trying to teach me with hope group and really with anyone coming over is to relax and enjoy them. In the past I have been so freaked out about making sure that our home was clean and nice for when people came over. I am kind of weird in that I actually like to clean. I like for things to be nice and pretty and clean. I used to clean when I was a kid too, so it has carried with me though the years. Anyway, I was so focused on cleaning and not focused on the wonderful people we were going to get to have in our home. Not only that I was so focused on cleaning I was not paying attention to the two sweet little people in our home. Lately the Lord has really tried to tell me to slow down and enjoy our babies while they are little. What other time in life can you make them laugh with the most simple, silly thing. I remember making a silly face a Jack the other day and he would just laugh like it was the most funniest thing in the whole world. I was thinking, wow, when else will I be able to make him laugh at such a little thing. Hopefully it will always be like that. But, it might not. So, I need to enjoy it, really enjoy that. And it is the same way with people coming over. Who cares if they see our home a mess? In light of eternity what does that matter? I'm not saying I shouldn't be a good steward of the home He has given us, but I need to love people more than caring about what someone will think if they see our home at the end of the day.

God is good and He put me with an amazing husband. His idea of clean and my idea are a little different. But, this is good. My husband would rather our home have toys on the floor, dishes in the sink, and a hideous pile of laundry, as long as the people in our home are not stressed out and grouchy, ie me. For my husband to come home and have a wife who is relaxed and babies who are so excited to see him means more to him than a spotless home. I'm not saying I should never clean up, or anything like that. Not all families and husbands are the same. If the Lord put me with someone who is as insane about cleaning as me, it would not be good. I should praise the Lord for the man I get to be married to and take his word about just relaxing and enjoying each other and those around us. You really get to know others better when you don't try to clean up everything and make things seem to be what they're not.
Well, enough rambling. I think I am going to try and tackle that pile of laundry that is laughing at me while Josh is at rehearsal and the babies are asleep.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Day 2

I wonder how much I'll actually blog on here. Is it like a new toy and the fun will wear off? This seems to be a really good way to wind down after the babies are put to bed. I want to start working on a scrapbook for Bella. It's a scary thing for me though. I'm one of those people who doesn't like to try new things, (scrapbooking, paint our walls) cause what if it doesn't turn out right? Well duh, then you just fix it. Hopefully I will be able to move on and realize that. The good news is these things don't have to be perfect. I doubt someone would walk into our home and say, "Wow, this color paint and paint job look terrible." It would be funny if they did, but not likely.

Josh and I painted Isabella and Jack's room before we moved in here. It was our first painting job ever. It turned out okay. It's a really pretty lavender color, very calming for in there. However, it was right before we found out we were pregnant again. In fact I think it is possible that I was pregnant when I was painting in there. We didn't know if there baby was a boy or a girl. Guess what, it's a boy. Yes, right now he sleeps in a lavender room. I don't think he knows that right now. We could just paint it again. But then who knows we could end up moving or something. Then what would be the point. See, that is the fear I am talking about. Well, I'm sure that we'll figure out something. Maybe we could draw a line down the middle of the room and half could be cute and girly and the other half could be blue or green or something.

Wow, amazing the way I can ramble on. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention in my last blog, was my amazing husband's anniversary gift for me. Our washer was not breaking and it would cost about half as much the cost of a new washer for someone to come out and fix it. So, Josh was amazing and took care of the whole situation. The day before our anniversay he went down and got a new washer for us, well me. It is very pretty and still has the new washer smell. Did I mention it is pretty. I was so proud of him for taking care of the situation. What a wonderful husband. I am thankful.


Monday, January 08, 2007

My first blog!

Okay, here goes. My first blog. Wow, what do I really have to say, not much, but a lot all at the same time. Josh gets to do some community theater these days. The play is called God's favorite, he is SO excited. I'm excited to get to see him in community theater again. And it's a good play and he doesn't have to compromise his relationship with the Lord to be a part of it. I've had fun getting to run lines with him as he is learning his lines. Maybe someday we can act on stage together, that would be fun. First I would have to get over the fear of forgetting all my lines and messing up everyone else, and the scary being up in front of people thing. It would be fun though, I could express the extorvert that I am somewhere Really Really deep down. I did take a theater class in high school. That was a lot of fun. Met some interesting people.

Do you think people can start out as dog people and then become cat people? And then if you become a cat person can you go back to being a dog person? We have a dog and I would really like to be a dog person again so I can think him getting all happy and jumping around when he comes inside is cute instead of annoying. Anyway, in light of eternity, this really doesn't matter. Well, accept the fact that our dog is one of God's creation and I should be loving and kind toward the wonderful animal God has given our family. He really is a good dog. He lets our babies crawl all over him and he just lays there. See, that dog person thing coming out again. What is up with that?