Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blogging At Last!

I have a little time at the library by myself, so I get to blog, very exciting! Josh told me he posted about June 8. I am very excited! It really has been a long time coming. When I was younger, I "got saved" cause I didn't want to go to hell. Or at least I thought I got saved. Good reason, but my life didn't really change. I wanted to live how I wanted to live and used the Bible when it was convinent for me, like in proving a point. Anyway, when I got to college the Lord put people in my life who were really living for Christ, who had a relationship with him. He also took some people out of my life. And during that time I was really able to meet with the Lord and get in His word. One night some people from small group were going to a concert, (I actually almost didn't go). Anyway, there was some great music there and then they had a speaker. The speaker was sharing about Christ and about sin and about how sin, my sin, put Him on that cross. I think for the first time I really got that, or as much as anyone can comprehend what Christ did. I remember being broken and crying and just asking for forgiveness. I believe in my heart that that is when I asked Christ into my heart. Things in my life that had once been a struggle started to not be. Not that I was perfect, but I was and am forgiven. I had tried to change things and they never did until after that night. I got into the word and enjoyed it so much and just wanted to spend time with the Lord.

So, baptism. I had always thought I was saved when I was younger, but after writing our testimonies in a small group, I really don't think so. But I had been baptized when I was younger and since I thought I had been saved when I was younger I didn't think I needed to.

I struggled with if I was saved and baptized when I was younger, than I didn't need to again. But, after really looking at my life, I didn't come into a relationship with Christ until that night in college. So, on June 8th, I get to show a picture of what happened in my heart those many years ago. I know that baptism doesn't save you. It's a relationship with Christ and faith in Him for salvation. It will be nice to just be obiedient.

I hope that everyone in blog land is well. We miss you guys so much. We are starting to make some friends and meet people, which is nice. We love our home and are thankful for how close we are to Josh's work. It has been a little bit of a culture shock. I grew up in Ft.Worth/Arlington, but never really considered myself to be a city girl. I guess there is more city in my than I thought. We love our small little town though. The schools here are really good. And, it has been so good to be close to our family. We have really enjoyed getting to see more of them.

Well, 'til next time!