Thursday, May 14, 2009

Almost Summer

So, we survived the swine flu freak out, yeah! Bella's school closed for a week, but they were back at school this week. I can't believe the school year is almost over. I know Bella is looking forward to sleeping in and hanging out in her pj's. Jack already gets to hang out in his pj's. We went outside to play today and when we came back in, he put his pj's right back on.

Josh and I are looking forward to a date night soon. We miss our college girls who came to babysit. Ya'll were amazing and loved! Bella still remembers her sweet babysitters and asks why they can't come over anymore. It is so weird living in a small town, not a college town. We got to have a date night not too long ago. Our church hosted a marriage conference. It was really good. It talked a lot about the different ways that men communicate vs. the different ways women communicate. We had a really good time and learned a lot.

This summer I'm gonna start babysitting. I'm a little nervous, it will be for an infant. He is a cutie! We got to hang out with him a little the other day. Bella and Jack are excited. Bella wants to read to him and Jack wants to play toys with him. I hope it goes well. I'm more nervous about watching him when he is a toddler, that being such a training time. If anyone has any advice it would be welcomed.

Well that's about all for right now. I really need to try and get some updated pictures on here. We just got Bella's school pictures and soccer pictures, too cute. Jack loves to have his picture taken too. Josh, not so much. Me, not so much, but I think we have some recent ones of us too. Take care all!