Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Life As We Know It

It's been over a month since we lasted updated this blog. So sorry. I keep trying to get Sarah to do it, but I think she is concerned she'll ramble on and on. She's also afraid she'll complain some about the things that have been happening here. So I'll just post what's been going on so she won't have to worry about it seeming like complaining when she talks about it. She'll just be elaborating on what her husband already has said. :)

Things have been a little on the crazy side here. As some of you know, we just recently got a home phone last week. We've had service from Verizon for over a month, but we weren't hooked up from the outside of the trailer to the inside. It wasn't something I knew or was comfortable with figuring out. Verizon said that they didn't do that was a liability or something. And the guy in our park would said he'd come do it for cheap was having some stuff going on with his dad, and the park had given him a lot of work he was behind on. But! The nice people from Charter have come out, and now we have phone, Internet, and cable all for just a few dollars more than what we were paying for phone and internet. Way better deal, if you ask me.

We've also had a rodent problem. Since we haven't been able to get skirting up yet, we've had little field mice getting in. Fortunately, they haven't been in our food, just our utility closet and our bedroom closets. We cleaned our out closets, laid some traps, caught a few of the buggers, and haven't seen any in awhile. So that's good.

Oh yeah...and our hot water heater is leaking. Not bad, slowly. We still have plenty of hot water, but the tank is definitely leaking somehow. We've had this going on for a few weeks now. We tried to call a repairman. They wanted to charge quite a bit more than we could afford. We tried going through Sears since we have a card. (I know, I know...Credit BAD.) However, once we ordered it and had the people come and fix it, they said they couldn't fix it (mobile vs. residental plumbing or something like that.) We've looked at buying a mobile home water heater, and me trying to install it myself. Thing is...they aren't cheap. They are actually more expensive than regular ones.

Cut to the good news. Sarah ran into a guy in our park who used to do maintenance work, and said he'd do it for less than the other guys. On my way down to talk to him, I ran into our neighbor at the end of the street. Just making conversation, I told him what I was doing, where I was going. He told me that he also has done maintenance on mobile homes, and could probably help me change it out., for free. You know, 'cause he's a believer and isn't that what believers are supposed to do??? Innit that cool?!? So he's coming over tomorrow, (I bought the one from Sears...I know, I still bad...) and he says we can do it.

Other good news. I will be getting the promotion...barring that I don't fail my health and life insurance licensing test. You know why that's so cool? Because I'll get an increase in pay, and monthly, quarterly, and yearly bonus....enough so that if I work hard enough I could double my base salary. The extra base monthly raise will pay for my commuting cost of driving from Denton to Decatur every day. The extra bonuses will help us pay off the loan we had to take out in moving up here.

See, I know that credit is bad. I think we might have been impatient and not waiting on the Lord about the move up here. But I do not doubt that it is His plan that we are here. Need more proof?

Sarah met a lady in the park who has little kids that she has befriended and been able to minister to.

My brother-in-law has decided to recommit his life to the Lord and stop drinking. He told me this after we had a conversation about how the Lord had changed my life.

He said, "Didn't you say you used to drink?"

I said, "Yep. Alot."

He asked, "How did you stop?"

I gave him the only answer I could. "Jesus, man. It was totally Jesus."

And we talked for awhile, then he took me inside, told his wife he had decided to stop drinking and he wanted us to help him. As far as I know, from that point, about two weeks ago, he hasn't
had a drink.

So God is good. And that's life as we know it.